Tuesday, 1 October 2013

YouTube Tuesday: String Figures

Welcome to another YouTube Tuesday!

A few weeks ago, I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney to attend an educator exclusive. It was a great night, and one of their current exhibitions, String Theory, was absolutely fantastic. If you are in Sydney and looking for an excursion to take your kids on, I highly recommend it! During the final part of the evening, we got to have a go at making some art using string ourselves - super fun!

One collection of artworks in the exhibition were prints using string. Remember making cat whiskers, the Eiffel Tower and a teacup with string? Well, it was like that, only more complex. The video I am sharing with you today shows some of the artists making these complex string designs. It is seriously mesmerising! In the classroom, you could have your students make more simple shapes using string and use these shapes to make prints. Enjoy!

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