Monday, 13 January 2014

Remembering Left and Right

Are your students having trouble remembering their left from their right? A new resource in the Little Green store is sure to help them out with this vital skill.

The pack contains extensive teacher notes to provide background information on this common challenge faced by students...

...and three teaching posters to visually assist recall. One of the posters contains the lyrics to a song you can sing as a group (to a familiar tune) to help young children remember one of the strategies included in the pack.

This resource is sure to help your students remember their left and right, which ultimately will help them succeed at school and in their future career! To sweeten the deal, this resource is being offered for an introductory price that is 25% off the full price, for a limited time only. Get yours here.

Oh, and stay tuned, the huge giveaway I have been promising is coming your way VERY soon!

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