Friday, 6 September 2013

Freebie Friday: Mixed-Up Months

After a long week, I'm so glad it is finally Friday! Here is your freebie for this week - Mixed-Up Months!

Click here for your free download!

The freebie contains a rainbow poster with each month listed in order and colour-coded by season.

There are also two worksheets included in your download. The first looks at ordering the months...

...and the second allows students to sort the months into their relevant seasons.

The USA version is shown here, but there is also a southern-hemisphere version included in the download, where 'Fall' is replaced with 'Autumn' and the example links December with Summer.

Enjoy your freebie and the weekend! I plan to spend most of my weekend outside doing gardening and playing with my pooch, enjoying the beautiful Spring weather here in Sydney!

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