Friday, 25 October 2013

Freebie Friday: Hundreds Chart

Thank goodness it is Friday! Time for another freebie from the Little Green store: a hundreds chart.

We all know and love hundreds charts - they are a fantastic way to help our students see the patterns in their times tables, as well as having a smorgasbord of other uses! There is nothing super special about the hundreds charts I have created, other than that they use a beautiful background from Prettiful Designs, a chalkboard from Sonya DeHart and fonts by Jen Jones.

As well as the starter model shown above, we have the no-title model...

...the black-and-white-printable model...

...and the black-and-white-printable-no-title model!

You can get your copy here. I hope you find it super-useful, whichever version you decide to use!

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