Monday, 27 January 2014

Base Ten Brilliance!

See, I told you Little Green was back in business: a brand new resource has just been added to the Little Green store, and it is awesome (if I do say so myself)!

Base Ten Blocks (also known as MAB) are a fantastic tool for helping students develop and reinforce a sense of ten - a vital skill. This resource is uber-versatile - ideas for use are included, but it really can be used for a huge range of whole-class, small-group and individual activities, only limited by your imagination!

In your download you will receive a set of numeral cards for the numbers 1-100...

...and a matching set of Base Ten cards for the numbers 1-100.

These cards can be printed onto paper or card stock, then laminated for durability, then away you go!

Here are some ideas for use:
  • select matching base ten and numeral cards in the range you wish to focus on and have students play a ‘memory’ style game where they must match a base ten card to a numeral card
  • use the base ten cards as flash cards to develop fluency
  • using only the numerical cards, have students build the number with physical base ten blocks
  • using only the base ten cards, create a ‘scoot’ style game where random cards are numbered and placed on desks or around the room and students must write down the numerical value of the card on an answer sheet

See what I mean - versatile! Get yours here. As an introductory offer, you can save 25% off the full price, but get in quick as it will only be at this price for a strictly limited time!

More great resources coming very soon - watch this space!

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