Friday, 23 August 2013

Freebie Friday: Balancing Number Sentences

Are you itching for the weekend as much as I am? It has been one long week! But never fear, Freebie Friday is here! And today, Year 1 and 2 teachers are in for a treat!

Don't you just love the balancing girl by Ninja Woman? I know I do!

'Balancing Number Sentences' is a poster and worksheet combo that is designed to support the teaching of addition, subtraction and basic equations. Here is the poster:

Cute, right?!

And here is the worksheet: 

A simple worksheet to allow students to have a go at balancing number sentences.

You can download your freebie here

While you are visiting my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, pop over and have a look at my other brand new Maths resource: Roll, Tally, Graph. It is a game designed for students in Years 2 and 3.

Yes, I've gone dice mad, I know! But this fun little game is a great way to let your students collect and record data... 

...then graph it.

There is also an instruction sheet that you can print and laminate to use in a Maths centre. 

You can get your very own copy for a teeny tiny $2 here. That is cheaper than a decent cup of coffee!

Both of these resources have been aligned to the Australian Curriculum, the New South Wales syllabus and the USA Common Core - the standards covered are outlined in your download.

Enjoy your freebie and your weekend!

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