Monday, 19 August 2013

Pins of the Week: area game, animal movement, 50 things I love, story songs and ninjas!

Another Monday, another round-up of Pinterest inspiration from Little Green HQ!

Area Game

A great idea from Marcia Miller on her blog.

This pin takes you to an idea-filled post about Cuisenaire Rods by Marcia Miller. Although this game could use Cuisenaire Rods, it doesn't need to. All you need is a set of two dice, 1cm grid paper and textas (markers) or coloured pencils. Have students roll their die, then make a square or rectangle using the numbers they rolled as their dimensions. For example, if your student rolls a 2 and a 3, they would make a 2x3 rectangle. You could have them fill a defined space on their own or turn it into a multi-player game where they are racing to fill their page. Definitely one to try!

Animal Movement Dice

A fun freebie from Wildlife Fun 4 Kids.

Penny at Wildlife Fun 4 Kids has created a terrific movement game based around this great little die, which she offers as a freebie on the blog. The extra bonus is that they are all Australian animals! Penny explains in the post the different sounds and movements the animals make, so if you are unfamiliar with the animals, you can still play along! Did I mention the die template is free? 

50 Things I Love Worksheet

A great freebie worksheet from Nicholas Reitz.

How great is this worksheet by Nicholas Reitz?! I love the layout of the different frames and the concept behind them too. The idea is that students fill in every space on this page with things they love. They can then use this sheet as a prompt any time they get stuck for something to write. Such a great idea... and free!

Story Songs

I was drawn in by the cute cardboard tower, and, I'll admit it, was a little disappointed that this didn't link to a tutorial on how to make the tower. I'll also admit that I actually wanted to make the tower to play in myself. But my disappointment soon turned to joy - I used to love the princess song when I was little and had forgotten all about it! The folks at QC Music have put together a great post including the lyrics and a video so you can listen to the tune. If ever I'm back on Kindy or Year 1, I'll be rocking this one out for sure!

Factor Ninjas

The Wild Rumpus's freebie poster.

Is it weird to love ninjas? They are, after all, highly skilled killers. Even so, I love them, and this little poster by The Wild Rumpus, which also happens to be free, ticks all my boxes. My boxes are: ninjas, educational, free. In that order. More importantly, kids love them, and this poster will help to remind your students that factors are the 'chopped up' remains of the whole number (or product). Definitely a winner!

Well, that's a wrap from me. Enjoy your week!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring the Wildlife Movement Dice. So glad you liked it!

    1. It is a great resource Penny - thank you for sharing it!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring us - so kind of you! (& just so you know - the tower is just made up of a rectangular piece of cardboard rolled up, and the roof just a circle!!)

    1. My pleasure Sara, and thank you very much for the tower idea! I'm off to make one now!