Saturday, 10 August 2013

Salvaged Saturday - Useful Box

Welcome to another Salvaged Saturday! This week, I'm letting you in on the joys of what I like to call my 'Useful Box'. I can't take credit for the name - that came from the good old days of Playschool (an Aussie children's TV show) - but it is a great way to salvage your 'rubbish' so your students can get creative!

So, what goes into my Useful Box? Boxes, paper, plastic containers, ribbons, biscuit tins and any other reclaimed bits and bobs I can find.

What doesn't go into my Useful Box? Cartons that have held dairy products or meat products and toilet rolls. Maybe I'm just being pedantic, but better to be safe than sorry!

Do you keep a Useful Box? What do your students use the items in your Useful Box for? What do you call your Useful Box?

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