Sunday, 14 July 2013


Well, here we go! The beginning of a new blog that will share what I have learnt as a teacher with other teachers (hopefully... fingers crossed).

So, a little about me. I have been teaching primary students for ten years in Sydney, Australia. Over that time, I have learnt a lot about what it is we do as teachers and have spent a lot of time reflecting on who I want to be as a teacher. Although, having said that, I plan to never reach teacher-nirvana and stay there, looking down on all the poor teachers who don't have it all together. No way! We change year to year, month to month, day to day. We change or we become irrelevant and uninspiring... and isn't that the complete opposite of what we want to be?!

On this blog, you will find ideas - not just my ideas, but ideas I will curate from all four corners of the web, through Pinterest (if you aren't already following me on Pinterest, click here) and through my blogging colleagues around the world. You will find my musings on what we do as teachers. You will find links to inspiring books I have been reading. And you will find freebies. Oh so many freebies!

In fact, here is your first freebie from my Teachers Pay Teachers store: fabulous rainbow stationery labels... absolutely free! Tell your friends!

I am very much looking forward to sharing more freebies and great ideas that, I hope, will inspire you in what you do.

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