Saturday, 27 July 2013

Freebie Friday (sort of!) - Voting Sticks

Yes, yes. I know it isn't Friday anymore. No excuses - I just forgot to go online last night after work! Sorry!

Down to business then - your freebie this week is voting sticks from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

So, what are voting sticks? They are a great tool for allowing all students in your class to give a yes/no response, while avoiding any shouting out! All you need is the voting sticks freebie, a printer, paper, glue and some paddle pop sticks (craft sticks). They are super easy to make. Here is an example of what they look like made up:

And here are some ideas for how to use them in your classroom:

All these pages are part of your free download, so click here to pop over to my TPT store and download!

I'd love to hear how people use their voting sticks. I'd also like to hear about any strategies people use to manage sessions like these in their classroom.

Enjoy your freebie!

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