Monday, 22 July 2013

Pins of the Week

It may be late, but it is still Monday, so I still have time to share my pins of the week! All of these pins and more can be found on my Pinterest boards.

Early Finishers Chart

I will definitely be making a chart like this sometime soon to banish all the 'Miss, what can I do now?' questions forever!

Fractured Fairy Tales
This pin comes from a blog post about fractured fairy tales, and I can certainly vouch for several of these texts. Kids love a fractured fairy tale and they are a great example of appropriation. Kids can also have a go at fracturing a favourite tale.

Jelly Bean Maths
 Jelly beans and other colourful sweets make great motivators for maths activities... if you can stop your students from eating them all before you finish! This blog post has some good ideas for how to use sweets in maths.

Making Pom Poms on a Fork
Well, who would have thought you could make a pom pom on a fork? Saves messing around with those silly cardboard circles! This pin comes from a 'how-to' tutorial. Not sure if I'll use these in the classroom, but let me know if you can think of a way to use them!

Silent Signals

This pin leads to an interesting video on using silent signals with kids. Lots to think about here! Do you use silent signals with your class? I'd love to hear of any other signals you use successfully.

Well, that's about it for a Monday night. Time to hit the hay and recharge for a busy day tomorrow!

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