Monday, 15 July 2013

Pins of the Week

Happy Monday everyone! It was back to school for me today after two weeks off (not that I ever stop thinking about my job!) but it went pretty smoothly and I got a lot done!

To start off your week with a bit of inspiration, I am going to share with you some of my favourite pins of the week. You can find all these pins and more on my Pinterest boards.

Word Jars
The idea here is to keep a jar full of interesting words, cut out from magazines and written yourself. One pinner suggested drawing 10 words out of the jar and writing a story using all 10, but there are many, many ways you could use your word jar. It might be fun for each student to keep their own word jar, or you could use it as a literacy centre. Such a great idea!

Chalkboard Signs
No link - but you get the idea!
These speech bubble chalkboards would make a fun display and could be used in a number of ways in the classroom. Cut (or ask a handy friend to cut) the shapes you want, paint them with chalkboard paint, hang and enjoy! When I clicked on the pin, it took me somewhere random, but the picture is pretty self-explanatory!

Comics in the iClassroom
This pin leads to a blog post from the bloggers at Tech Chef 4 U where they weigh up the usability of various free apps to make comics, among other things. I had a play around with Comic Touch on my husband's iPhone (I'm hanging out until I can afford an iPad!), and it was easy to use and produced great results. There are plenty of things you could do with this app (and the others of course!), some of which are shown in the image. One idea I thought of was making displays using photos of my students. Watch this space!

Forecasting the Weather
This chart has some great info on different ways we can predict the weather using observation. It would be great to use with a weather unit or just for fun.

Keep on Pinning everyone!

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