Wednesday, 21 August 2013

New in the Little Green Store: Creative Writing Dice

I don't usually post on a Wednesday, but I am just too excited about my new resource to keep quiet! I present to you: Creative Writing Dice!

Here's how the 'game' (read this as 'work masquerading as fun'!) works: students roll each of the three dice to reveal a character...

...a setting...

...and an action.

Students then use their character, setting and action as a starting point for a piece of creative writing. I'm hoping these little babies are going to lead to some creative ideas and great writing from the students who use them. I'm so pleased with how the dice turned out and I'm sure kids will love them.

So, how do you get your paws on your very own set of dice? Pop over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking here or on any of the pictures, and for the tiny sum of $4, you will have yourself an inspiring resource (if I do say so myself!) to use with your students tomorrow. Too easy!

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