Sunday, 18 August 2013

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale!

If you are a Teachers Pay Teachers seller or regular customer, I'm sure you know all about the sale that is happening today and tomorrow (USA time, so Aussies will need to wait a few hours for the sale to kick in). Now, I know I only have one item for sale, as all my other items are freebies, but I thought I'd join in anyway! Why not?!

Thanks to The 3AM Teacher for this gorgeous sale banner! Be sure to visit her store too!

So, this is how it works:

1. Go to my store on Teachers Pay Teachers and click on my 'Numbers to Ten Posters'.
2. You will see that it is already 20% off. Do a little happy dance.
3. Excitedly click 'add to cart'.
4. Go to your cart and enter the promo code 'BTS13' at the checkout. This will entitle you to the full 28% discount instead of just the 20% discount. Do another little happy dance, then purchase away!

Don't forget the promo code at the checkout!

These babies could be yours at 28% off!

Just in case you are reading this a day too late for the 28% off sale, never fear, my shop is on sale for one extra day, so you can still get 20% off. Hooray!

Happy shopping!

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