Saturday, 3 August 2013

Salvaged Saturday - Books Galore!

Today has been a very good day! Not only did I beat the hordes at Aldi to score a lovely $50 outdoor setting for two (Seriously, have you seen the queues? Insanity!) but I also scored big at a Salvation Army store that my friend and I happened to drive by (yeah right, as if we could just drive by!) and stop at. Winning!

So, what did I score? Books galore for my classroom collection! Check it out: 

Some quality literature in this bundle - a hard cover copy of My Place by Nadia Wheatley, some Roald Dahl magic, Pamela Allen, Mem Fox, Jackie French, Morris Gleitzman, Garth Nix and JK Rowling - wow! And how much did this colossal addition to my children's book collection cost me? Ten bucks! I am a happy woman! 

So, in honour of this glorious day (oh so glorious), I have decided to dedicate a day of the Little Green week to the salvaging of unwanted, unloved goods - welcome to Salvaged Saturday, my new favourite day of the week! 

Have you salvaged anything lately? Books, furniture, containers... Maybe you've even given something a new purpose? I'd love to hear all about it! And bloggers, if you'd like to join me in celebrating Salvaged Saturday on your blog, feel free! Just use the logo above and link back to my blog.

Happy salvaging!

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